Welcome to the Cruising Yacht Association of Victoria
Good day members
The next meeting is Monday 6th August at Bells Hotel in South Melbourne.  We will start the evening with our Annual General Meeting.  All committee positions will be declared vacant and nominations will be accepted until the start of the AGM.
Following we'll have representatives from RACV Marine Insurance to talk about issues and concerns related to insuring our vessels.  Come armed with your questions and examples for them to respond to.
Also in August will be the Risk Management Workshop on Saturday 18th and a movie night at a date to be confirmed.
Membership fees for 2018/19 were due 1 July.  Please ensure that your membership is current and check with Peter Hopkins if you're uncertain about your position.
Look forward to seeing you at the meeting at 8pm on Monday 6th at Bells Hotel in South Melbourne or at the pub for dinner from 6pm.
Ian R and the editorial team


Ian Reichelt, Editor and Webmaster
The Cruising Yacht Association of VIctoria is made up of many yacht owners and people who sail, who also belong to other yacht clubs around Australia.  There is a common bond with many yachties wanting to meet or obtain information from fellow cruisers on trips that may take place in the future or cruises that have already taken place.
This cruising association was formed in 1977 by Geoff Stewart at a meeting at a Melbourne Yacht Club and started with 40 initial members.
The philosophy of the cruising association is to provide its members with an environment where information about cruising journeys and technical advice on equipment is provided via a number of forums, including a monthly meeting to meet and hear interesting and educational speakers.
This monthly meeting is held eleven times a year at Bells Hotel in South Melbourne on the first Monday evening of each month at 08.00pm.  In November, due to Melbourne Cup, the meeting is held on the second Monday.
Membership of our association also provides a monthly Newsletter published eleven times a year.  This newsletter includes cruising stories, news of member's whereabouts, commercial contacts for obtaining products or work done on their boats and articles submitted by members and many other sources of interest.
We also share information via a video library which is available to loan to all members and is accessed by meeting the Video Librarian at each of the monthly meetings.  There are also some club items available for sale at meetings.
The cost to be a member is $40.00 per year payable in advance on the 1st July each year
This web site will contain a copy of the current newsletter, Ebb Tidings,  each month for current members to download in colour.  Previous editions will also be available for download. You will also find a page of committee members to assist with your inquiries along with a membership form to join the association .
Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings at no cost.  We look forward to new members joining and are very willing to receive information from members and other yachties for the newsletter.
Welcome to our website.
Your Editor
Ian Reichelt